A travelogue


When I travel, it’s all about food. The Great Wall? I’ll remember the meals I had in Beijing long after the memory of that trash-ridden tourist trap has faded. And the three years I lived in South Korea? Gorgeous mountains, even better barbecue. More food highlights:

  1. Somewhere on the coast of Ireland: shepherd’s pie
  2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: amok
  3. Singapore: chicken biryani
  4. Amed, Bali, Indonesia: mi goreng
  5. Tapei, Taiwan: dumplings
  6. Beijing, China: Peking duck
  7. London, England: hanger steak
  8. Yecheon, South Korea: pig neck
  9. Honolulu, Hawaii: udong
  10. Gombak,Selangor, Malaysia: vegetarian curry



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Shadi Mirza

Shadi Mirza


Marketing sherpa. Digital content wonk. Serial blogger. Not following your passion is like dying a slow death.